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Device sharing emotional connectivity

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Helen Gu 

Target: 01P owners who need to run long distances or have no fixed place of residence and owner services for later.
New energy models: shared charging pile background: In the current era of more and more popular rentals, we like to change places of residence, like to make new friends, Love will share idle things to play its maximum utilization rate, save costs.

At the same time off-site travel how to solve the charging problem, how to play energy saving to the end?
Introduction: For these frequent long-distance or temporarily no fixed place of residence of new energy owners, travel abroad or the battery is out of power can also be charged in a timely manner. LinkedIn can position and share on a dedicated platform where it is willing to share wall-mounted charging piles and fixed charging piles, while labeling their use status. Owners who need a charging service can find and charge on the platform in a timely manner, and pay low rent and bear the electricity bill at the time (the rental price standard can be set by the lead, the electricity standard can be determined by the charging pile owner)

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