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Finding parking is the worst – its hard to find, expensive, and difficult to pay for.

What if your car could automatically find free spots near your destination, book it and pay for it. What if you could rent out your parking space while you are away, and earn money on it. With Lynk & Co cars, this vision could become reality.

Much like cars go unused a large portion of the time, so do parking spaces. If you own a personal parking space, that space will be unused while you are away working for example.

Similarly, there is also a large frustration surrounding parking spaces in crowded areas. They are hard to find, hard to pay for and expensive. The bottom line is that the parking system is very inefficient and the matching between buyers and sellers could be dramatically improved with technology.

How could it work?
Owners of a Lynk & Co can through the platform (car/app/web) make their parking spaces available at certain times.

Through the same platform, customers can then find parking made available by other customers.

What makes us different?
Compared to other players, we have a car. A car that is always connected, for every customer. This enables us to build more advanced features compared to similar services. For example, the functionality can be integrated into the car, in the infotainment and with Elsie. It can also enable us to do more advanced monitoring of how long the car stays in at the parking place, to name one example.

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