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You have all seen the spy shots of our development cars. To hide the shape of the cars, manufacturers put weird shapes and patterns on them as a type of camouflage.

What if you could make that camo more useful. What if instead of non-functional patterns we would use qr-codes that could contain a secret message, or a link to a website, or contact info, or any type of information. People would then be intrigued and scan the codes.

Taking it a step further, we could park our cars with this camo in cities. People who would take up their phone and point the camera at the car (only works on iphones in the native camera app) would then be taken to web link, see the info or whatever the code contains.

You could gamify it. Make it into a PR campaign. Sky is the limit!

What else could you use a QR-camouflage for?

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