#Not Another Home Delivery

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We are generally speaking about home delivery of cars, in the sense of delivering cars to a customer on a decided time and place.

Home delivery is one of the promises. But as an alternative to the idea, there could be an option to have “The Lynk & Co experience” next to the home delivery choice. What if delivery was as exciting as our events?

This means that, let’s say, once per week the Lynk & Co buyers (buy, lease, subscription doesn’t matter) are collected by the weekly shuttle and brought to the “outlet” where we offer customers an adventure according to the Lynk & Co way of doing things. Think dark warehouse, digital entry tickets, smoke & neon lights. All the Lynk & Co'ers are excited. It’s the excitement you get, like before you enter the ghosthouse at Liseberg or the awesome roller coaster...

After some cool things happen, the cars are exposed and the buyers gather around their cars, get acquainted and finally shoots off..

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