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We all love music and where better to enjoy music than while driving, whether on a road trip with friends, on your way into town or just taking a quick spin for fun. But what if rather than having to rely on your own music collection, your streaming service, or what the DJ chooses on the radio, the music that you hear directly responded to you? Imagine if when you were stuck in traffic the music automatically responded to play some soothing tunes, or when you are accelerating off into the distance the volume adjusts so it doesn’t get drowned out over the sound of the engine.

We use music to improve our focus, regulate our emotion and to express ourselves, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence in combination with DJ technology we can expand the potential of music so we can hear exciting new mixes in real time. By leveraging facial recognition technology AI can select music which responds directly to the emotions, and by training the dataset with the users preferences we can automatically generate diverse mixes which directly respond to the activity in the environment. An AI DJ, like a real DJ, plays the right sound at the right time.

Through advanced neural networks and algorithms which discern sounds we are able to split tracks into their constituent components, the vocal, the melody, the bassline and the drums, so the user can use their car as a machine not simply to move, but to generate realtime mashups. This is not simply a responsive playlist set, but an ungrouping of music from tracks, into a series of building blocks which can be assembled together to create new musical landscapes. How about giving Country music tracks a Techno beat, or hear your favorite rapper spit over a rock song?

The Lynk & Co car becomes the controller, every action the user makes, every gesture, turn of the steering wheel, crank of the gearstick and tap of the gas peddle is another datapoint which feeds into the AI DJ to generate a mix which accurately matches the environment. The user requires no skill in order to generate this great-sounding mix but is ultimately in control of the overall musical experience, continually feeding the AI data so that it may continue to purvey unforgettable mixes to the user. The car becomes a nightclub, a music festival or a full moon party.

Through practical research and development we have validated this technology, in order to advance this into an automotive environment we seek a collaboration with Lynk & Co so we can commence experimentation inside cars enabled with the latest sensors and technology. Choose our AI DJ to help us advance music and empower everyone with awesome musical experiences, wherever you are in the world, whatever you are feeling and whatever your favorite music is. This is merely the beginning of a revolution in music that will change the way we move forever!

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