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Making cool new
stuff happen

We didn’t set out to make cars – we set out to change the way people move around. Co:lab’s where we go to think the big thoughts and address the big problems. But we know that the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. So if you’ve got one then we definitely want to hear it.

Here’s how Co:lab works

Step 1

First, create your account and submit your idea to one of our challenges.

Step 2

We’ll draw up a shortlist of the most interesting, promising and revolutionary proposals and showcase them on Co:lab.

Step 3

Then it’s over to you guys. Comment, suggest improvements and vote on your favourites.

Step 4

If your idea makes the cut, we'll collaborate with you to make it real.

Hassle-free subscription

Carefree subscriptions, let’s do this. What’s your dream sign up scenario for payable services? What hassles do you want to get rid of from your current subscriptions? How and when would you like us to engage with you, if at all?

Entertainment & Apps

Smartphone on wheels. What functions would you want available in and out of car connected to your mobility experience?


Now you know who we are and how we want to shake up the mobility industry. Be the match-maker; who should we collaborate with and why?


We think big on sustainability and all our cars will be electrified. But help us think small; how can we change behaviors and get all of us making more sustainable choices on the daily?